GIT has Patent for "Process for character recognition of Handwritten and Printed words of vernacular language."

About Us

GIT is an IT and ITES Company based out of Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA, offering services to the Indian and overseas markets.
GIT started operations in 2010 and is the winner of the prestigious ”NASSCOM Startup and Maharashtra State government” award.

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Smart content

Content, whatever your business, whatever form your content takes, whether it’s your company’s primary revenue source, a training instrument, or the backbone of your back-office operations.

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Smart people

GIT’s industry veterans have unrivaled expertise in content creation, learning and performance, complex content technology, document processing, and customer relationship management.

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Smart business

Smart content is profitable content. By developing a lucrative, overarching content strategy, GIT turns flat, static content into smart content: digital information that can be mined, multi-purposed, and monetized.

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Our Services

  • Backend Services

    Backend Services is a set of Telerik Platform cloud-based services that help you build your app backend.

  • Content Creation/Conversion

    Once you have created your content marketing strategy, the fun part begins: creating the content!

  • eBooks

    A large collection of links to crafts instructions and ebooks around the web.

  • Audio/Video books

    Finds the books you want, the classes you need, and plenty of enlightenment in between.

  • Archival

    GIT's facilitates consistent, appropriate, and self-explanatory description of archival materials and creators of archival materials.

  • Testing Services

    GIT has a mature testing practice with a strong team working on verification and validation of some of the most complex products.

  • Application Development

    Looking for app developers to build customized enterprise apps for businesses or consumer apps for the market.

  • Mobile App Development

    Our apps can boost branding and engagement, cut costs, improve productivity and generate new revenue for your business.

  • Support Services

    In an increasingly competitive and ever-evolving market scenario, the ability to quickly assemble high-performance teams that can perform as quickly as change determines success.

Our Work

Making content accessible across digital media

With new devices and platforms hitting the market faster than ever before, converting data into compatible formats is as important as creating data itself.

Corporate Learning & Performance

If you’re under pressure to improve both organizational performance and ROI, you need an experienced partner with expertise in every aspect of corporate learning and performance.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Whether it’s a prospectus from a brokerage house, a credit card or bank statement for your customers, insurance forms for your brokers, or regulatory filings for the Feds, profitability.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can’t trust just any provider: the services required by your industries are highly regulated.


Control litigation costs. Mitigate risk. Remain compliant. Maximize attorney fees and minimize vendor expenses.